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About me

My name is Zandra and I live in Witley. I offer a mobile reflexology service covering the local areas surrounding Haslemere and Godalming in Surrey.


I value the loyal relationships that I have established with my clients and endeavour to make each treatment memorable and fulfilling in the comfort of their own home.

Following a successful career in the airline industry, I qualified as a reflexologist with an ITEC Diploma Level 3 (Distinction). I am an insured member of the Association of Reflexologists and since having my two children, I have had an interest in holistic therapies, benefitting from them myself in recent years.


“If you are feeling out of kilter, don’t know why or what about, let your feet reveal the answers, find the sore spot, work it out.”

Eunice Ingham, the mother of modern reflexology


Reflexology is an ancient therapy that has evolved and developed over time and continues to do so.

The fundamental concept of reflexology is that the feet and hands are mirrors to our bodies. By applying direct pressure to specific points or reflexes that are believed to correspond with areas and organs within the body, the body can be restored to a state of homeostasis.

Stress, especially long term stress, can have a detrimental effect on many of the systems within the body and can sometimes be the root cause of subsequent illnesses. Reflexology can result in overall relaxation, bringing about a release in tension, can aid sleep, improve your mood resulting in a sense of enhanced wellbeing. Other conditions may well improve too, but this is very individual.

It is a gentle and non-invasive therapy that is suitable for all ages.


Reflexology can be very effective in helping with;

- relaxation

- a release in tension

- improved sleep

- a sense of improved mood

- a general enhanced wellbeing



Mindful Reflexology

I am trained in mindful reflexology, and have techniques to support clients suffering with stress, anxiety, and depression.

Stress is an almost unavoidable part of our modern lives and affects a growing number of people of all ages. Anxiety and depression present one of the greatest health challenges that our society faces today.

Reflexology is a balancing therapy that enhances relaxation and allows the body to repair and regulate itself. It can be effective in encouraging a deep sense of mental space and relaxation, releasing tension (both physical and mental), aiding better sleep, improving general mood and an enhanced sense of wellbeing.

A research study found that reflexology profoundly reduced the state of anxiety. The reduction was consistent with 'an increased feeling of ease and a reduction in anxiety?

(A.J. Mc Vicar et al. Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, 2007 VOL 13; NUMBER 3, page(s) 137-145)



Maternity Reflexology

I am trained in maternity and fertility reflexology, techniques for supporting women throughout their pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and their post-natal recovery.


Pregnancy is a wonderful time and women often adjust well to the many hormonal changes that are taking place. However, there are women who struggle with these physical and emotional changes. The aim of regular reflexology throughout pregnancy is to encourage deep relaxation, to de-stress and offer support during this incredibly special time.

The perfect time to begin incorporating regular reflexology treatments into your routine is after 12 weeks, when the risk of miscarriage is greatly reduced. The aim is to encourage improved well-being and these treatments can continue throughout your pregnancy and after your baby is born, supporting you through your journey.


Fertility reflexology

There appears to be evidence that infertility can cause stress and when a couple make the conscious decision to start trying to conceive, they are already putting themselves under pressure, and over time, if conception is not happening, this can lead to an elevated level of anxiety which couples will obviously want to avoid. Reflexology is one way to aid relaxation and reduce stress levels.

Reflexology can work alongside standard healthcare to promote better health and well-being. There is no evidence to suggest that it interferes with medical treatments but can be very valuable to women undergoing fertility treatment for the emotional space, relaxation and support. 


For conception reflexology, it is recommended that both male and female of the couple are treated.

I would recommend a course of at least 6 regularly spaced treatments to encourage the body back to its natural equilibrium and to restore hormonal balance followed by monthly restorative treatments prior to ovulation.


Reflexology Lymph Drainage

I have completed Sally Kay’s reflexology lymph drainage course and am an approved RLD practitioner.

This multi-award winning technique focuses on stimulating the lymphatic reflexes on the feet or hands. It was originally used to help reduce lymphoedema swelling following breast cancer treatment, and is very effective in assisting lymph drainage. RLD can also be beneficial for clients suffering from non-cancer related inflammatory and autoimmune conditions through stimulating the function of the lymphatic system.


Hot Stone Reflexology

Stone therapy and the benefits of massage using deep heat have been known and enjoyed for thousands of years. The combination of the 2 in a reflexology treatment encourages the body and mind to fall into an even deeper state of relaxation. It is also a good way to ease muscle tension in the feet and lower legs.

The stones used for this treatment are natural, smooth basalt, a volcanic rock known for its heat retaining properties. The stones are iron rich and release heat into the skin and muscles in a controlled manner. The heat is regulated, and they are only applied at a comfortable temperature. The treatment is fully portable thanks to a specially adapted heated bag. The heat from the stones can penetrate to a much deeper level, further enhancing the power of your treatment.



The treatment

During your first treatment, I will allocate fifteen minutes to find out about you, your lifestyle, and your overall health and emotional well-being. This is followed by approximately one hour's treatment.

Following treatments will take approximately one hour.

You remain fully clothed, apart from your shoes and socks, then lie back on my comfortable reflexology chair and enjoy the treatment which is relaxing, calming and soothing.

As a reflexologist, I do not diagnose, prescribe nor claim to cure. It is a very individual treatment which is tailored to you as a person, taking into account both physical and non-physical factors that might be affecting your well-being.



1 hour treatment £50. For couples or two appointments in one £90.

An hour’s hot stone reflexology is £50. For couples or two appointments in one £90.




"I have been having weekly reflexology with Zandra for 18 months and find that the many benefits her treatments bring help me to balance a demanding job with a busy home life. She has also treated my two young children who thoroughly enjoy and look forward to her treatments. I find it very convenient that she brings the treatment to our home where we can fully relax. "

Dr Sabrina J


"Reflexology with Zandra was a fantastic way to relax and de-stress in the final few weeks of my pregnancy. On a practical level, it helped me to manage my anxiety and the physical aches and pains of late pregnancy. Plus, with her comfy chair and snuggly blankets Zandra made my bedroom feel like a spa – with the added benefit that I didn’t have to go far to take a nap afterwards!"

Nicola C


"I have been having reflexology with Zandra for some time now and unhesitatingly recommend the treatment.

As a body focused psychotherapist I am very aware of how important feet are, both physically and emotionally, for grounding, balance, stability and strength. Yet we so often take them for granted until they cause us problems.

It seems to me that treatment to my feet is a gateway to the different areas of my body.

It can affect emotional, muscular, neurobiological, hormonal and mental states. Isn’t that amazing! So when Zandra focuses on an area of my foot it can release tension in my back; shift heaviness on my chest, or relax my whole body. Zandra is a very professional practitioner with a very nurturing style. Her reflexology is now part of my keep myself fit and healthy regime!"

Jean K


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Please be aware that if you send me any sensitive medical/health information, I will only hold and use this if we proceed to treatment, at which time I will require explicit consent from you to hold this data. If we do not proceed to treatment, I will erase this information.

Zandra Noaro MAR

(Member of the Association of Reflexologists)


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